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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Look, one has to look at the nature of the mistake. If itís a foolish mistake or just pranks people played (ie got caught being naked drunk, taking photo with a Kate spade handbag), thatís fine.

However, you need to understand the nature in his offence is dishonesty. Particularly in law and in politics, dishonesty is a fatal mistake and trust is the very basic foundational characteristic in these two professions. If someone shows dishonesty in their character, chances are he wonít change (unless itís really proven that he has shown remorse). Therefore, for the sake of the people he is representing and the clients he would be taking care of, I absolutely support that his mistake should be brought to the alert of the government.

Moreover, the fact that he was arguing with the professor upon being caught shows a lot about his character too.
Find this absolutely appalling... every one of us has been dishonest in at least some way in our lives. Don't give me this ******** about dishonesty being a fundamental characteristic in politics- that's absolute rubbish. Politicians are some of the most dishonest people around (pls wake up if you haven't realized this yet). Stop acting like a saint. In any case, what are the chances of him actually being elected into Parliament? What is the point of making such a big fuss and potentially smearing his reputation at the age of 23? FFS, this forum has become so toxic it's unbelievable...

stick to the topic at the head of the thread. Please.

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