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I do prefer the education system and stricter laws in SG, so it will be a safer place to raise a kid. However, my career would also be a huge deciding factor.
Most doctors will usually stay where they trained. They are familiar with the system. They have built their contacts. Professionally it makes sense. It also takes a lot of effort and work to get licenced in another jurisdiction. Even within the same country eg USA, Canada, Australia you need to register with the state or provincial college. And they would ask for letters of reference, letters from the current college. It is a hassle.

Doctors usually move to a new country for personal reasons. eg family. Spouse has found work in another country. Extended family situation requires a move.

Very seldom is it for monetary reasons. Especially if you are talking about a doctor who is doing clinical work seeing patients, operating etc.

The fact that you are thinking of moving probably means you have strong personal/family reasons to do so. And you are trying to justify to yourself and reassure yourself that a move to Singapore will at least not be a downgrade on your career, and also convince yourself that it might be an upgrade.

For doctors moving from 3rd world to first world countries, there is no such dilemma. The problem is often more one of whether they can even get registration to practice in the new country.

Now for doctors moving from 1st world countries to a maybe pretty new 1st world or 3rd world country they often wonder if the move will hurt their career.

Don't think too much. If you need to move you gotta move. Make the best of it. If it doesn't work out you can always move back.
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