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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Dunno which guy keep trying to say his 4PQE already $12k (not including bonus), and keep trying to say the salary scale damn high but refuse to give exact amount (really full of ****). Every year $1k jump, how you add $2k every year. Everytime ppl ask him he will say "it's true la - i make that much after my 3rd year, it's standard". Think fake news.
I went back and checked the thread and it was multiple people saying it? Even if it was one guy, he did explain actually, so I don't think he "refuse to give the exact amount". According to those posters, the increments seem to be (according to the posts) -> 1PQE is somewhere between 6.5 to 7, each year increment is more than 1k (so let's estimate 1.3), and then there is one big promotion jump from JA to SA (let's assume 2.1k).

So let's say 1PQE 6.5k, 2 PQE 7.7k, 3 PQE 8.9, 4PQE 11k. Not 12k, but not that far off. Seems possible. Oso not sure which big 4 this is.

Can anyone confirm?
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