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Originally Posted by sharon.yeo View Post
A mentor once shared this with me:

If you can't find a job in the industry you think you want to be in, think about what it is about the industry (or specific job) that you enjoy. Is it the salary? How analytical the job is? The chance to work directly with clients?

Then try to see if you can identify whether there is another industry / job that can offer you similar traits. And whether the skillsets you've developed can be transferred over or 'sold' to employers in this other industry. Start looking outside and hunting for jobs that may match what you're looking for - that may not be in the original industry you're looking at.

Hope this helps you think about your situation!
great advice, thanks for sharing!!!

just to add on—your first job isn't necessarily your job for life. you can always try applying to banking if you're really passionate about the industry and after this covid tides over.
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