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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Basically, what I also heard is if you are SG side, you will always be the SG side and not some excellent hire they picked up from elsewhere (international and/or reputable domestic firms that actually produce good hires). If they can get cheap labour from the SG side to do some menial international tasks, they don't have an impetus to pay you international rates. Doesn't magically convert a spade into a heart or club.

To go to an international and get paid to do truly international work, you'd have to be from another international firm or a reputable domestic firm. The PQE or salary cut you can negotiate later, even if it is at a small intl firm. What I've also heard is that large international outfits will negotiate a lesser PQE if you trained at or were working in a small international outfit. The same practice seems to exist throughout the industry.

Basically 1 PQE at X firm with 9-5 is not 1 PQE at a MC firm with 9-3, as the PQE at MC firm is worth 2x the PQE at X.

The work that you do doesn't matter tbh - international or domestic, clients are clients. You got an opportunity to work on a big domestic file, great, that says nothing about you and more about what the firm caught in the net while you were there. What really truly matters is whether the firm recognises your legitimacy as an international lawyer by paying international rates.
Thanks for the detailed and clear cut answer. But that also relates back so my question: Why do the international firms feature the local hires as the firmís associate, even though they are not being paid international rates. I realise that international firms tend to feature associates across the FLAs, doesnít matter which rates they are paid. Correct me if Iím wrong.
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