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I've heard from my friends and peers in several FLAs that FLAs are all East and West Berlin structures. There is no exception in this industry (correct me if I'm wrong with what little and uninformed knowledge I have). You are and will always be a second class citizen compared to international peers in the same firm.

Most of the time the international side seems to give work to the domestic side for cheaper cost and labour, but even if you do 20-50% international and 20-50% domestic, it doesn't magically transform you to a true international lawyer from the MC or SC or White Shoe side, where the work is 100% international. Your last drawn will still reflect that you were a second class citizen.

Simply put, unless your pay reflects it, the cost saving measure of having a lower paid employee do higher paid work doesn't make any real difference to your status as a second class citizen. If you were truly worth tour name, they'd be paying you international rates and not local rates.

Source: I mean, this is what I hear from my friends so idk. I'm in a mid sized SG non-FLA. I don't think (and I'm sure the majority would agree) it makes any real or substantial difference in prestige, prospects etc. The real prospects are when you are paid international pay. If not, forget it.
I am aware that my question may seem very ignorant. But I have seen many associates from these FLAs being featured on the international firm websites. Does this mean that they from the international side? (My friend got hired from a local partner from an FLA. he got featured on the international firm website. So Iím abit confused.)
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