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Accenture US laying off. Any news in Singapore?
Nope but there are tons of reshuffling within divisions and function. HR promised no pay cuts but itíll definitely affect pay progression.

The reason why the retrenchment exercise struck the US office hard itís because the design and strategy guys are the first to be let goó companyís moving towards PMO focused tasking.

Itís a **** show, I joined in as a CL11 Analyst and am being moved over to CDO. I wouldnít mind the loss of prestige but the CDO track doesnít offer OT comp. The organizations too big, local HR doesnít know the deets, partners are busy overselling and undercutting protects (which severely affect our billable), tech freshers are severely under skilled (I donít blame em cuz for a comp sci grad, ACN pay grade is laughable thus attracting low caliber talent)

Sigh... I could go on all day. If I have to sing one song of praise to this company is the exit opp available. One could easily jump to a 2nd tier strat house or jump straight to the industry in which youíre a subject matter expert in.
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