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Originally Posted by flower95 View Post
Hello there!
I am a recent grad too (graduated late last year). Just a disclaimer first that I am not an experienced DXO but more of a current applicant.

My thoughts for your question is that, ultimately, what is the purpose or the end objective you are really looking for / aiming to achieve? Like for me, I am really looking into a more purposeful/meaningful career and I am more keen to contribute to public interests as compared to the interest of a single entity, I feel that by joining DXO, it's a good chance to learn new stuff and also contribute back to the nation. If I am just looking into future opportunities, then yes, I would focus more on private sector as I believed it do has more growth opportunities and lesser boundaries.

If you dont mind me asking, what's your motivation to apply for DXO positions?
Hello! Thank you for your advice! Honestly, the reason I applied for DXO position is for the job stability and of course hoping to pick up new skills. But I heard skills acquired as a DXO is not transferable which kind of worries me as I'm not sure if joining DXO will tie down my career path to be in the public sector for the rest of my life since promotion/career advancement is pretty much limited as a DXO since we have uniformed personnel (they may eventually be converted to a DXO after 50) and scholars.

Don't mind me asking, do you intend to serve in the public sector in your entire career life or have you thought of exploring other fields as well?

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