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Hi everyone,

I am a fresh graduate from one of the local university, holding FCH. Just wondering if it would be better for fresh graduate to explore private sector before joining as a DXO? I heard people saying that joining DXO will limit the future opportunities since the skills used and picked up as a DXO is very niche and not transferable. To what extent is this true? Appreciate if you guys can share your views if a fresh grad should join DXO? TIA!
Hello there!
I am a recent grad too (graduated late last year). Just a disclaimer first that I am not an experienced DXO but more of a current applicant.

My thoughts for your question is that, ultimately, what is the purpose or the end objective you are really looking for / aiming to achieve? Like for me, I am really looking into a more purposeful/meaningful career and I am more keen to contribute to public interests as compared to the interest of a single entity, I feel that by joining DXO, it's a good chance to learn new stuff and also contribute back to the nation. If I am just looking into future opportunities, then yes, I would focus more on private sector as I believed it do has more growth opportunities and lesser boundaries.

If you dont mind me asking, what's your motivation to apply for DXO positions?

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