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After 5 months of unemployment. Quit my job just before CNY 2020. I finally got a job today.

Went for many interviews since Feb 2020 and was either ghosted by companies who said they will move me to the next round and disappeared or had companies that really wanted to push the salary down to a ridiculously low level, especially statutory boards and companies related to ministries. In between I have been told that there is headcount freeze and midway through the interview process particularly during the start of circuit breaker. Then as the position was readvertised. I reached out directly to the HR and was told the readvertisement was automatic on job boards like LinkedIn Glassdoor etc. Further dashing hope that there are jobs available.

Held out cos financially I was okay and staying with my parents due to covid as I had to run errands and do the marketing for them as they are elderly and have rented out my apartment at a higher than market rate during covid to stranded workers on a short term basis.

While interviews took place over video conferencing over 2 months, the wait for a verbal offer is 3 weeks from last interview and the written offer another 5 weeks. That's 8 weeks plus post interview. Really stretching my patience a little.

Thank God the written offer finally came through after such a long delay. Expected to start ASAP as I have heard horror stories of friends who have quit their jobs and before starting new job had the offer rescinded and the company paid the notice period (probation notice period of 2 weeks) and call it a day. Making them stuck in a bad place with no jobs.

Please don't give up. I think I applied many many jobs with no call backs for a long time. Please press on.
Congratulations! Happy for you and gd to hear your gd news. Can I ask you to explain abit on what you deem as a lowball offer from SB and GLCs? Think I might need to manage expectations for my job search during this time, many thanks in advance!
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