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Unpopular opinion here, but as an ordinary citizen i personally think now is a good time to mete out bonuses to our public servants, because they are working the hardest. Even if they are not on the front lines like healthcare workers, i know a lot of civil servants who are serving the covid19 cause by doing extra social distance ambassadorial work for instance. While it may not apply across ALL civil servants, it's to be expected they are doing a lot of work behind the scenes for us in line with all the covid19-related changes like policy reformulation, implementation of new legislation etc.

Keep up the good work and morale, civil servants.
Thank you for understanding. Even those who aren't sent out are working double hard covering for those who are. The public service has remained largely operational because of the work of those who have worked hard (from home or otherwise) throughout this entire period. While I saw many private sector friends baking and making dalgona coffee while "working from home", most of us were so swamped (though we worked from home too) we could hardly breathe. I just finished work at 11pm today, which has been very common lately. Your support means a lot, at least to me!
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