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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Why so self-deprecating?
Economy is bad anyway.
Donít trust the US market. Itís on steroids.
Just donít find work for now.
Rest 6 months, take it as an extended call break.
The more you apply the more youíll be depressed.
Itís just not the right time.
Sit back, chill and wait 6 months.
The local grad keep dissing delisted and Harvard because they keep thinking these people stealing their jobs. Wake up. Itís across the board.
Delisted, listed, UK, Aust, NZ, etc.
Lol nice troll. I am a girl btw. I said earlier there is absolutely 0 reason to believe that a moron *graduated from* Harvard or *got into Harvard by merit*. This has nothing to do with 'dissing... Harvard'. Which part of his excellent (note the sarcasm) critical reasoning skills suggests he *graduated* from Harvard.

You're clearly trying to make a reference to an imaginary person. I don't believe the Harvard Graduate bloodline will be sullied by some moron who cited selective bias and then admits he doesn't know what selective bias is
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