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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
This is clearly a troll. First of all, what does "I lead M&A teams globally" even mean? If you're a lawyer who works in M&A, shouldn't you know yourself? Second, assuming you're on the finance or structuring side, if you are familiar with those firms you should definitely know lawyers from those firms. Wouldn't it be far better for you to seek advice from them rather than some random internet forum?

Please stop wasting everyone's time.
Stop being an asshole. It is an honest question. I am not a lawyer and have not been based in SG for 30 years. Moreover, the lawyers I know from these firms (ie. Japan, Indonesia, UK, Korea, Russia) are not familiar with the local landscape in SG. What makes you think I have not reached out to others (eg former classmates) and why can't I seek views from an internet forum. Plus, judging from your statement above, you really don't know how M&A teams are managed.

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