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Hi all, I am planning to get my integrated shield plan (i.e hospitalization plan) in place and I am not sure if it is worth getting coverage for private hospitals (instead of A class coverage in government hospitals, given the significant differences in premium?

Here are a few points I am considering
a) comfort
I personally think that in terms of comfort, single bedder (i.e A class) in government hospital is pretty decent and comparable with private hospitals. (My Mum was warded in NUH A class ward in Kent ridge wing last year and I think the room is fine)
b) Waiting time
With regard to patient care, I would assume that the waiting time for appointments, investigations (eg scans etc) are a lot faster in private as compared to public hospitals (esp when it comes to semi-urgent/routine cases).
c) Medical expertise
I would think that private hospitals have greater expertise (given that they are all senior consultants running the show/in charge). However, I have heard from my friends working in restructured hospitals, that they do get referral/transfers from private doctors for complex surgeries/medical cases, or if they cannot manage certain post surgical complications
d) Follow up
Another factor that I am thinking of is that follow up outpatient care may be a lot more expensive in private (may not be covered by hospitalization plans) and this may be quite significant if I do develop chronic diseases

Just wondering what do people think?
No need buy insurance. When you are already without a job. Should consider dying instead.
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