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So you base your imaginative statistics by nitpicking some rare, unverified Linkedin profiles (that anyone can easily fake) of "successful" SIM graduates while conveniently leaving out the majority who are jobless or have abysmal low paying jobs? There are easily many more LinkedIn profiles of successful NUS/NTU grads than the handful and limited numbers you found. Is that how SIM taught students on sample size and quantitative reasoning? Nobody is saying the government's survey is 100% accurate but I bet its more accurate than your imagination. So can you find me a research study that shows SIM students have better job prospects other pulling out random Linkedin profiles? I bet there's none. This speak volumes on why SIM grads command such low pay.
LinkedIn URLs with actual names, digital CV & personal information = "imagination"
Anonymous survey (where any tom, dick and harry can put 200k p.a.) = "government survey" "this is more accurate"

Pretty much sums up local uni grads LOL

If you love confirmation bias that much, sure! local uni grads are doing fine~

Those threads you see on ppl struggling to land FT jobs / taking up 2.2k internships @ They are totally fake!

Wake up la you are lurking a private uni forum trying to wave your non-existent e-dick.

Quit crying

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