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Are you conveniently ignoring the majority of SIM grads who are unable to find jobs then? If local uni grads have resulted to taking up '2.3k traineeships' according to you, what about private grads? I'm sure it applies to us as well? So far you have been consistently picking the cream of the crop from SIM and making (I can't even tell what type of) comparisons with local U grads. I mean we all know that there will be success stories from whichever uni you are from, local or private, but whats the objective in comparing the top 1 percentile with the 75?
Not 2.3k sir, 2.2k (as verified by a 2nd local uni grad on this forum itself).

They are not the top 1 percentile btw, but whatever suits your agenda I guess.

Quit being salty when the guy whom you disagreed with said "there a bunch" "there a handful of".
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