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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
So you are conveniently disregarding the several LinkedIn urls (out of many from the vast ocean) shared earlier?

Here's a serious question: are you intellectually challenged? Mainstream media survey data = 100% Genuine? Look at the first few posts of this thread. Local uni grads back then are already shitting on local uni graduate surveys.

Do you not know what survey integrity (i.e. representative sample among others) is?Better yet, have you taken a look at the recent ST essential/non-essential job survey?

Feel better alright? 2.3k traineeships are on the horizon I reckon, quit crying.
Are you conveniently ignoring the majority of SIM grads who are unable to find jobs then? If local uni grads have resulted to taking up '2.3k traineeships' according to you, what about private grads? I'm sure it applies to us as well? So far you have been consistently picking the cream of the crop from SIM and making (I can't even tell what type of) comparisons with local U grads. I mean we all know that there will be success stories from whichever uni you are from, local or private, but whats the objective in comparing the top 1 percentile with the 75?
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