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Default ANZ Singapore-NZ Scholarship Programme (for Commerce/Business degree)

The ANZ Singapore-New Zealand Scholarship Programme offers students from Singapore the opportunity to study and work in one of the most diverse cultures in the Asia Pacific region, gaining unique experiences and insights to build on their global view of the world.

Students with aspirations to work in Banking and Finance will benefit from understanding New Zealand's economic innovation and creativity. New Zealand was ranked Top 3 in the world as a most developed country in 2010.

Apart from the opportunity to study and live in a new culture and business environment, the scholarship also provides a paid internship with ANZ New Zealand, one of New Zealand's largest banking organisations.

ANZ aspires to be a super regional bank, connecting consumer and investment businesses across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. The scholarship program will provide undergraduate or post-graduate students with the opportunity to develop their potential and equip them with skills to be regional leaders.

Scholarship award and what it covers

This is a jointly-funded Programme between ANZ New Zealand and ANZ Singapore. Each ANZ country will contribute two Scholarships per annum. Each Scholarship consists of NZD 15,000 provided to each Scholarship student. The Scholarship is for one semester or up to five months per term.

Internship opportunity

ANZ will offer each student a three-month paid Internship. The Internship can be taken before or after the Scholarship semester or term, but the preference is for the Internship to be taken after the semester or term, close to the graduating year.


The Internship agreement will include the first option by ANZ to employ the student upon graduation on normal employment terms subject to availability of positions.

ANZ reserves the right to request Scholarship reimbursement if the student defaults on the agreement.

Selection Criteria

We are looking for candidates who meet the following criteria:
1. A passion to develop a career in the banking and finance industry
2. A Singapore citizen at the time of application
3. Full-time undergraduate or post-graduate students, preferably working towards a Commerce/Business degree
4. Excellent academic track record to-date
5. NOT holding a financial award/scholarship from another organisation.
6. A keen interest in developing leadership skills on an international basis
7. A track record of active participation in co-curricular activities (CCAs) or activities outside of school, preferably with leadership experience

The closing date for applications is 17 July 2011.

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