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Would also add that the scene varies and one shouldn't be too simplistic and look only at tier/firm, for instance, US-qualified tax lawyers in WKW would get far more than the local people. And places like DSC which pay Big 4 rates can pay very well if you get the huge bonus that may come with it.

Also, UK FCHs are, to be honest, not very outstanding in this day and age, given that so many people from the UK have FCHs, unless the FCH is from Oxbridge or (maybe) UCL/LSE (e.g. UCL regularly has a >20% FCH rate, which is not very impressive). For instance, last time any UK FCH could get into JLC with not much difficulty, nowadays, almost all UK grads who get into JLC are scholars and most of them are from Oxbridge (or maybe UCL/LSE at the very least). Heck, even NUS FCH is no longer as valuable given that 10% (>20) people per year get it nowadays (but still more valuable than most of the UK FCHs).
Looking forward, I think what would help many people at this forum would be the question of what would then take an applicant to stand out amongst hundreds of other applicants? We have seen for ourselves that it is very apparent that an associate position has about more than hundreds of applicants be it NQ or 3 PQE level.
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