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Hi all, I am currently a singaporean year 4 IMG in UK, graduating next year, and planning to return as HO.
Not sure if I am in the right forum, but I would like to ask for people opinions regarding public vs private healthcare from a patient's perspective.
The situation is that I am planning to get my integrated shield plan (i.e hospitalization plan) in place and I am not sure if it is worth getting coverage for private hospitals (instead of A class coverage in government hospitals, given the significant differences in premium? (especially since our salary isnt that high during our junior years)

Here are a few points I am considering
a) comfort
I personally think that in terms of comfort, single bedder (i.e A class) in government hospital is pretty decent and comparable with private hospitals. (My Mum was warded in NUH A class ward in Kent ridge wing last year and I think the room is fine)
b) Waiting time
With regard to patient care, I would assume that the waiting time for appointments, investigations (eg scans etc) are a lot faster in private as compared to public hospitals (esp when it comes to semi-urgent/routine cases).
c) Medical expertise
I would think that private hospitals have greater expertise (given that they are all senior consultants running the show/in charge). However, I have heard from my friends working in restructured hospitals, that they do get referral/transfers from private doctors for complex surgeries/medical cases, or if they cannot manage certain post surgical complications
d) Follow up
Another factor that I am thinking of is that follow up outpatient care may be a lot more expensive in private (may not be covered by hospitalization plans) and this may be quite significant if I do develop chronic diseases.

Sorry to disturb, but would like to hear from people from the Singapore medical community if they feel that private hospitals are indeed much better for the patient to warrant the extra insurance premium?
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