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Thank you so much for this! I've been lurking around there for a while but this is the first post I feel I can really relate to. Junior Assoc at a mid firm here looking to ideally transition into a Big 4 once COVID gets better - everything you've described, including your previous experience at a smaller firm, hits home man.
My pleasure. I think I really had two maxims to thank, both from my TC mentor:

(1) Don't bring your ego to work. I've heard from senior lawyers that they're mainly motivated by ego, they want to outdo each other, you must be really competitive in litigation, etc, but maybe that's more at their level. As junior assocs, I think ego can make learning difficult, and learning's the most important thing you can be doing.

(2) Don't take correction personally. It can be very difficult, particularly when you know that your boss's good opinion can be essential to continued employment/retention/promotion, so every negative comment seems like a death sentence. But in my experience most of the time, the negativity comes from them being stressed and feeling like they've been let down by their team, and has more to do with them than you. Take the correction and do better. Of course, still have standards lah: don't put up with abuse.

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