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[QUOTE=Unregistered;137957]OP here.

I'm confused. Why look down on criminal/family lawyers? They provide a necessary service.

Also, I did an internship at a family law firm in Chinatown, and they already promised me a job if I do choose to study law. It's pretty much guaranteed. The partner is a friend of my father. He also knows plenty of other Chinatown lawyers who will take me, and apparently Singapore has a shortage of specialist criminal/family lawyers. Getting a job is not a problem.

I'm aware that the attrition rate is extremely high in this industry, so I'd rather not sacrifice so much of my time into law only to leave a few years down the road. The internship was fun, but that likely isn't an accurate reflection of what practicing is like. I left at 5pm everyday.[/QUO

I feel like im being trolled.

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