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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Exactly... the poster who got retained... obviously you did not have the “bad” luck to experience the other side of things.
Would you rather trade the success you had for failure?
It’s easy for someone to say “oh that person is so fragile, won’t make it”.
Some ppl were never given a chance very early on because they had such horrible and PTSD inducing bosses.
I agree insofar that I cannot understand OP's grounds on an emotional level as to retention. But if someone asks have you ever worked at a PTSD inducing firm/department, I can definitely attest to pulling 3am nights or not sleeping for 2 or more days working on high stress matters, being treated like any other junior out there (blamed for things).

These experiences are not rare, and in fact, if you knew me you won't be saying that I can't understand. End of the day we all have to earn our stripes like everyone else. I have burnt out before, like every other junior, but I always pick myself up and you should too.
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