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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I heard UOB MA is around 3.5k, DBS MA should be around 4k.. OCBC i dunno..

So dunno where u guys get ur figures.. maybe inflation?

Foreign banks can pay very well I know.. but paying a fresh grad 8-10k is a big gamble in my opinion. Unless really good and can hit bonus, otherwise within a year cannot make it, I want the person OUT.
Like I said, DBS is about $4k and ocbc is up to $7k plus, but ocbc is not for fresh grads...

For foreign banks that pay $8 - 10k, its very very few positions and the folks that get in tend to be all everything ... Places like GIC also pay similar.

Any figure that I've quoted are all real and either from personal experience or from someone I know directly (ie no 3rd party hearsay). Took me forever to garner accurate data, and tot I'd save everyone the work, so that whatever decision u make, it's an informed one...
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