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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Thank you for all replies regarding AYH vs SH/LH.
I’m offered both to choose from as the sch identified me to be a fit for both and sees possibilities of me taking up either roles and I’m willing to put in more effort to learn too. Passion wise I have for both as I love the subject I’m teaching and the students as well, so I’m thinking of considering the job progression instead.

I heard that YH/AYH track is relatively new. So I’m not sure in terms of job progression, how is it comparable to SH/LH track. And if I were to transfer sch in future, will there be a case that not many schs will advertise for AYH? If so can I switch to SH/LH then as I’m holding two portfolios(I am being groomed for both AYH and SH/LH)?

For job progression wise is both comparable or like what is mentioned, depending on which area the school is focusing on?

Anyone able to advise or provide more info regarding how’s the job progression like for either AYH or SH/LH? For instance generally how long is needed to progress to YH or HOD?

Thank you all for the kind advices.
AYH and SH/LH both are SEO 1 roles so in terms of job progression it still depends on how much you can excel in that particular role. It doesn't mean that AYH goes to YH faster or SH/LH goes to HOD faster. I know what you're thinking about. Trust me, choose the route that you can give your best quality of work. I have seen many cases where SH/LH switch to AYH or vice versa due to school needs. It is just a leadership position. The content knowledge not necessarily have to be as good as e.g. ST/LTs. You just need to know the overarching process and how the system works for that particular subject etc.

Since you have a passion for both, whichever you can excel in, will be where you will progress further. If you can't excel in it, you will definitely not be considered for the promotion beyond LH/SH or AYH as there are many many competent ones fighting for the limited positions. Similar story for YH and HOD fighting for VP positions.

All the best

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