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Think bulk of the EOs won't be that familiar with MX scale. I'll reproduce the 2015 EO salary scales here - maybe you can offer your own matching?

Someone shared this awhile ago - not sure if it's been updated since.

p.s. for teachers without any official appointments, salary grade will cap at GEO5.

GEO1 (Untrained): ? (non-graduates start here)
GEO (Trained): 1600 - 2730
GEO2 (Untrained): 2000-4340 (graduates start here)
GEO2 (Trained): 2538-4500
GEO3: 3515 -5616
GEO4: 4545-7271
GEO5: 4903-7845 (max salary grade for standard teacher)
SEO1: 5651-9064 (min. LH/SH/ST)
SEO2: 7236-10766 (min. HOD/LT)
SEO3: 8748-11232 (+9%?) (min. HOD/MT)
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Anyone knows the equivalent MX from GEO/SEO scale? Eg. MX13 = GEO3? And so on?

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