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Originally Posted by JL84 View Post
I'm 27 and I graduated from NYP with a diploma in Electronics, Computers and Communications Engineering.

After my NS, I studied a BsC Degree in Economics and Finance for 4 years (But I kept failing and still have 1 more year to go)

I was in an online relationship for 2 years and spent almost everynight with this Chinese girl. My grades deterioated as I thought she is the girl of my life.

We are supposed to meet this month which is my birthday after 2.5years of chatting online. My dreams and hopes are dashed when I discovered she have been two-timing me and cohabiting with a guy for some time.

All my efforts of getting her back are futile. I hated myself not going to meet her earlier and also found it a blessing in disguise because that showed what kind of character she is.

One of a friend introduced me to be a Fiancial Advisor in a certain life assurance company. I passed M5, but failed M9. This terribly gave me a morale drop in life. I was at a point on the verge of suicide if not for the utmost support and concern of my friends and family.

My CV only stated one job which I worked probably 1+year ago as a IT guy in a company for several months short stint.

I think I'm lost in life. Others 27 year old are earning big bucks, driving big car but I'm just a nobody, a failure.

I'm not asking for directions, I am just not definite. I don't know if being FA is really what I want. I don't see myself servicing others for the many years down the road. Like everyone, I want a lot of money during the shortest period of time to repay my father who has been shouldering me with the education assistance these years. I'm such a letdown.

Anyone can help? I know I must help myself first.

if it helps, I know what you are going through. I had only 100 S$ in my bank account when I was 24. My parents were poor, so I got no headstart, no car, no trust fund, no connections. I made a few bad career choices and drifted between jobs until I was 29. I was lucky to had a restart at age 30. Friends of mine at that age were already married, had kids, cars etc. It is human to compare and it can get demoralizing. However, just focus on what you want, set small goals and hang around friends that are supportive. It is during these times, you can separate true friends from those fake ones. I am now 42, and very happy. My wife just had a baby, I have my dream job that pays well and should be able to retire in 3 years time. Live your own life and don't have success defined by singapore standards. Difficult for me to tell you what to do, career wise, but you should not stop trying. The more you try the clearer your goals become. Most of us graduate from school not knowing what we want. The worst thing in life is to be stuck in a job for 10 over years only to find out what you want but not having the courage to make the switch because of the opportunity costs. You have no opportunity costs and most importantly, you are still young to start all over.
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