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Hi. Iíve been thinking of leaving too. Iíve only taught for a year and Iím bonded for 7 years... Iíd rather have a 9 to 5 office job than being a teacher. Like what others said, it sucks you dry. Itís emotionally and physically draining..

Honestly whats stopping me from quitting is the liquidated damage that I have to pay back if I choose to quit.. Itís close to 200k and obviously I donít have that kind of money with me.

Does anyone know any bond breakers? Or if itís possible to waive the liquidated damage?
There will always be bond breakers at different stages of their bond period.

One thing for sure is MOE will not waive the LD, and if you ask anyone on the street whether your LD should be waived, they will say no. Your paid training (and education?) and full salary during the training period was funded with taxpayer money on mutual agreement that you will give your full contribution to the nation's education for the agreed period of time. As a taxpayer myself who curses at the amount I have to pay every year, I strongly feel you should keep to your end of the deal whichever option you choose.

You are an adult and nobody can stop you if you insist to break your bond. There are thousands of eager beavers who want to join MOE as a teacher anyway; just look at the other thread.

MOE will not waive your LD, but you will be allowed to work out a repayment schedule via installments.

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