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Originally Posted by sinkingfeeling View Post
Thanks for your advice I scared scarli buy bond then end up like hyflux

What is long investment horizon?
You can look at the Singapore Savings Bonds issued by SG govt, can apply through Internet banking. Or you can look at buying A35 Bond etf from a broker, which is a basket of bonds issued by govt and govt-linked entities e.g. HDB, LTA etc. Sg govt quite unlikely to uplorry anytime soon, unlike Hyflux. But of cos, low risk = low returns la.

But got to be aware that during this period, bond returns will be quite low cos everyone is pulling out of equities. For eg. SSB returns are at about 1%/yr now. It was at 2+% if you bought it a year ago.

Long investment horizon equals 10years or more.

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