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Lol yes. My first day of internship, I got scolded by a senior. Matri matter, asked me when something was due. I referred him to ROC. That day I learned about FJR and how my NUS education was overrated.

Then my first day of TC, work on SMC matter. I legit panicked because it wasn't ROC or FJR. My boss took me to lunch, and said this is a completely different kind of matter. Not taught on part B. But must learn how to read, look at statutes, and to be inquisitive and have initiative to find the answers.

Second day of TC, work on international arbitration. Totally no framework again. I borrowed friend's part B notes, realised all not applicable cos mostly talking about enforcement. Got scolded by boss cos apparently I didn't learn from what he told me the day before.

I changed TC to conveyancing instead and never looked back. Some people just don't have it. I'm not making excuses for myself. I understand what you are trying to say. But be kind. That type of person you are describing is not the only type that is fit to practice. Please.
the root of the problem is the lack of structured training in majority of local law firms

heard intl firms have way better training programmes
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