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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Legit advice needed, in school we don't learn how to craft written submissions, how do we do it effectively during our TC period? Is there a resource in the firm, do you learn it during part b, or do you just have to get scolded and learn it from seniors?
if ur not unintelligent u get some precedents, understand their structure and how/why they are done the way they are, and u extrapolate from there

if ur a total mong, just settle for getting scolded by ur seniors and dropping out after 1 Pqe to make cupcakes

most kids who leave early on because "practice wasn't for them" had life on rails up to that point. go here, do this, tick that box, pat on head. legal practice isn't like that. initiative isn't asking ur boss if u can get him a kopi before the meeting. nobody's going to provide a rubric for doing ur work now. most millenials dont get this, they dislike what they perceive as uncertainty

not in law sch anymore dorothy. find ur own way to get the job done, no ones gonna sit u down with a handbook and patiently explain the hows and whys. training for practice could be better yeah but until it improves its a great way of weeding out the thickos and the bums who had everything handed to them on rails so they didnt have to think
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