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Default questions about pe

Hi im a local singaporean here who is going to start ns
my long term goal is to a partner in pe
just recently found this forum(i used wso to understand high finance)

1) do megafunds in singapore do undergrad recruiting or do i have to be in ib first?
2) is pay in pe comparable with nyc/hk?
3) are there other forums dedicated to high finance in sg such as wso
4) how does gic/tamasek compare with mfs such as kkr (comp,carry,work-life balance)
5) i heard that blackstone only has repe and does not have corperate pe. Is that true?
6) do pe firms in sg require an mba to move up the ladder
7) is pe recruitment in sg done by headhunters?(if so can you give me their names)
8) do you actually pay no taxes on carried interest
9) how is the mm and umm pay in sg when compared to mf(interested in partners comp mainly)
10) do firms in sg really prefer locals who studied overseas and is lse a target for them(for undergrad)

ik its a lot of question and would like to thank you if you answered them
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