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Holy ****, I just corrected you that there are private uni grads in S&C. Calm down, no need to get so riled up.

Besides, why is the hate for private uni so strong and baseless here LOL. FYI, I do feel that some of them at ACN are at least on par with the local uni grads to say the least.

This might sound bias, but ACN is absolutely killing it in consulting rn (in terms of revenue & exit oppts) partly due to the breakneck pace of technological advancements playing to ACNís strengths. Not as prestigious as MBB obv, but places well because employers are increasingly looking for digital skillsets/exp.
Apologies if i sounded aggressive. Let me try again.

1) There are NO private uni grads in ACN's Strategy team, which is under "Strategy and Consulting" DTE (or whatever it's called now). Is this accurate?

2) Performance of ACN: No one mentioned anything about ACN not killing it in consulting. It's (one of) the biggest consulting firms globally, just not as prestigious as MBB/OW/ATK and the likes. That put aside, its a relatively good job.

3) Hate of private uni grads: I don't see where's the hate. Factual statements made:
- There are no private uni grads in ACN strat (sub-branch)
- Most, if not all, are in CDO routes

Then again, if private uni grads could enter ACN strat straight out of undergrad it would definitely impact their prestige and the moral of its employees. If you're from INSEAD (which ACN Strat targets twice annually), what would be the perceived brand equity if the dept is open to private uni grads? Perception is a big part of both consulting recruitment and selling work to clients. Hence, the low probability things will change in the future.
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