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Originally Posted by sharon.yeo View Post
If you can't find any full-time roles in banking, and are very keen to stay in the industry, try and see if you can find a post-graduation internship in banking - even if it isn't the top tier banks. With companies cutting their full-time headcount / hiring, some companies are relying on interns to support their manpower needs.

Even though you'll be drawing an intern salary, you'll have relevant experiences to 'sell' to your next employer and still able to develop relevant skills.
Hey, thanks for the advice. I'm not the person u are replying to but in a similar situation. Am a FCH biz grad (not that it matters but just wanted to highlight my situation) from local U(one of the NUS/NTU/SMU). am keen to be in the banking industry, and am looking for roles inside but couldnt find any. need some serious advice on what to do lol. have tried looking for internships but most internships are looking for penultimate students
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