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Yea the three local banks are a far cry from the big players. And by big players I dont just mean the BBs but also banks like HSBC and Stanchart. These days even mid-tier Western banks like ANZ pay better and are more prestigious than dbs, uob, ocbc. Heck even the Chinese banks pay better. It used to be quite prestigious to work in a local bank, back in the heyday of SG banking. Today they're just bloated with overpaid boomers who are holding them back from true digital transformation. Fintech? Blockchain? AI? Sexy words dbs and ocbc like to throw around but they make up only 0.01% of their transactions (uob doesnt even try lol). In a proper bank many of these people would have lost their jobs already, or at least suffer wage cuts. Instead these banks pledged to save jobs. Good for society but bad for profits and transformation. This crisis is the perfect excuse to retrench overpaid staff and maybe even replace with a fresh grad who's cheaper, smarter, more tech-savvy and most importantly, hungrier. Please dont talk about digital transformation when half your staff dont even know what's a vlookup lol.
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