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Yeah I agree that they will need time to coordinate etc but it will be nice of them to at least tell us you are shortlisted for site interview etc but unable to carry that out now etc, now is like waiting in the blind..for those with job offer might be in a tough spot
im not a HR person, but i can imagine how much things they are handling because of COVID now.

anyway, usually the process is

(1) interview with HR and Hiring Mgr
(2) interview with Hiring Mgr at Site

the waiting game is norm - it applies to everyone, including myself when i first join. you can nudge them to ask for a follow-up (kindly), and see what they tell you to do.

Of course they shortlist through their metrics, and propose to Hiring Mgr on 'shortlisted' candidate. if Hiring Mgr is not around, then they also cannot make the decision.

Importantly, hiring mgr is all around SG and they work on different ops and schedule, that why now its really a challenge to organise such kind of things.

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