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I will be taking NTU mech engineering next year, and i'm wondering, with the stagnation of salary of the engineering industry here, is there any point for me to study hard for a 1st class hons ( which im intending to do) ?

I read of many engineers salary reaching only 4k+ after so many years, and I'm already thinking of moving to finance sector after i graduate, as the salary increment is much better there. However, is there any point in studying for a good hons since I apparently heard that only govt/civil service cares about the honours and not pvte sectors like banks?

I for one am already inclined to going to work at a bank after i graduate, so should I bother to study hard for a good hons in engineering, which is totally unrelated...?

Thanks for any input!
I would suggest to you that try to get 1st class honours for your mechanical degree, and on the main time you can get a <<minor in business>> from NTU, well you need to take up 5 module/subjects (total 15AUs) in the General Electives under Business elective, as long as you manage to pass all 5 business module/subjects (15AUs), you will be awarded with a <<Minor in Business>> on top of your mechanical engineering degree!!! This <<Minor in Business>> may of great help together with 1st class honours degree to secure an interview, if you want to apply financial/bank job.

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