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Thank you for your reply! It really helps to placate my nerves regarding my application.

So in my current job in the Ministry, I am actually a bit of a generalist - my role straddles across policy-making, communicating policy positions to members of public/essentially customer service and contract management.

Having been in that role for about 2 years, I decided to apply for a similar DXO role - i.e. Case Management and Performance because the job scope sounds similar to what I am doing. But I was invited to also apply for another Position which is roughly similar to what I had applied initially.

I don't know whether I would be disadvantaged because I am no longer a fresh graduate. But an attempt was made when I graduated in 2018 lah hahah. And of course, willing to learn. I miss serving in MINDEF actually. Haha.

About PT ... the last time I took it was March 2019. Understand that the test results are valid for a year only? If so ... I should be asked to take now given that I submitted my application in the middle of April. But until now no news leh ... so i am guessing that it must be due to the CB.
No worries bro, glad to help a fellow bro-in-arms.

Wow, i think your skills should fit well as a generalist. If HR invited you to apply for something, it means your profile is favourable to the organisation and the roles. Just do your best when you are invited to the interviews. Under three years is still widely considered 'freshie' across CS, so still fresh...., although there are fresher ones. Haha!

Our HR colleagues should be really busy this period. Be patient on the PT and/or interviews, this is a time that MINDEF is also dealing with. In most roles, there should be others covering it so unless it is critical or if the process has started, they may take it slower and spread it out during the period. Do also know that you potential employers may also be deployed out for all the things you read that MINDEF participated, so there are a lot of work to synchronise on the ground..., so please be patient.

Wishing you all the best in this journey. Keep us updated!
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