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I posted that I tried for MINDEF DXO in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Am a male (NS, NUS 2:1) and currently working in a Ministry. I realized that I was rejected in both years because I applied for roles that are either highly competitive or where my qualifications would be highly irrelevant. Specifically, I applied for Defence Relations, Policy and Media Relations. Competitive positions.

I am trying again for DXO this year, submitted my application in April. This time round, I applied for positions that are a closer match to my job experiences, and are (hopefully) less competitive.

So my questions are:
1) Can there be more than 1 vacancy for each advertised position?

Actually applied for 1 position only. But HR replied and asked me to consider Position B too, and I applied accordingly. Realized that Position A was already advertised for a month before I applied.

2) Have not taken PT. Ever since HR emailed me to tell me to re-submit some documents, I have never heard back. Has CB resulted in new forms of selection processes?

3) What do you think were the factors that made you tick and got the job?

Being a DXO is a dream of mine. Would have signed on if I could haha. Thats why I am trying 3x in a row already, inclusive of this year's attempt.
Good job for applying for one less competitive and something more relevant to help you get to a foot into the door instead - thereafter, you just need to be on the job for 2 years before you can apply to post out to other roles.

My opinions to your question:

1. May have more than 1, but that depends on the job. Most of the roles are 1-1 replacement as estabs are fixed. Unless the unit is going through a reorg and opening rooms for more OR more than 1 person quit. Mostly, it's usually one - unless the generic role spans across different camp (e.g., medical ctr staffs etc) so you may meet different bosses at different camps.

2. Not sure if psychometric test is taken away due to CB, but as far as i know probably e-interview when possible. Since they didn't ask you to retake, probably your psychometric is ok - so don't worry about that.

3. Interest in the job and willingness to learn and contribute - i was a fresh grad with really no experience. Employers seem to always would have preference for a fresh grad with relevant academic qualification if the job is less critical (some bosses prefer fresh grads because they are 'mouldable', or some depts have preference for some work experience) and some bosses are quite fixated on academic qualifications for highly competitive roles, while some bosses look for people who can have synergies with the team etc. Honestly, for most 'critical' jobs, they would have already ring-fenced to the ex-Mil person, or they may have preference to take internal applicants due to the ease of doing clearance and handover, etc.

Perhaps, set your salary correctly so that your profile seem 'appealing' as a package, apply to something relevant to what you are doing and/or have experience, apply to something less competitive and generic and hope that your counterparts applying for the job is of the same as you.

During this period, i can imagine more people applying for DXO roles esp during the fresh grad employment periods.

Perhaps share with us whats your profile in other dept and post the kinds of role you are applying for, then we can better advise?

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