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Hi, 2nd upper NTU biz graduate in biz analytics (previously interned at MCCY & IMDA). Offered a role as AM in innovation and tech ecosystem.I work as an Assistant Manager.

Base Pay - $3050.
PB & AWS uncertain - confirmed with HR, no firm answer due to Covid, advised that Iím already fortunate enough to be offered a position with them as IMDA is freezing hire.

Comparing with other in the past, it seems to be way lower than expected - was expecting a 3.5k at least. Not sure to take up this offer or not but itís my only offer. Any advice or insights?
Did you serve NS? 2nd upper for 3K seems a bit low. For info, ICA already offers min 3.9K for 2nd upper (I presume without NS) from what I see from careergov.
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