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Default Add on to Base Pay based on Class of Honors

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi, 2nd upper NTU biz graduate in biz analytics (previously interned at MCCY & IMDA). Offered a role as AM in innovation and tech ecosystem.I work as an Assistant Manager.

Base Pay - $3050.
PB & AWS uncertain - confirmed with HR, no firm answer due to Covid, advised that Iím already fortunate enough to be offered a position with them as IMDA is freezing hire.

Comparing with other in the past, it seems to be way lower than expected - was expecting a 3.5k at least. Not sure to take up this offer or not but itís my only offer. Any advice or insights?
I heard that the Base pay will be revised based on your class of honours. Might want to ask HR about this to check how much the actual pay will be for a 2nd upper. I heard that after adding on your honours, the pay may be closer to 4k. Is that true?
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