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Originally Posted by saraswathy View Post
if you are experiencing: Anxiousness, boredom and even going a little "crazy" right now.. You are not alone.

Having been confined to his bed and wheelchair for up to 8 months, our speaker and grit-coach jasonyolt is no stranger to staying at home for a long time. Come learn in this webinar as he shares and takes you through:

✅ how to grow your emotional intelligence for self-care & well-being
✅ 3 steps to build healthy habits now to prevent burnout.
✅ understand your purpose; to power through adversity
✅experience for yourself the 4-step grit framework that will help you
adapt to adversity and turn a disaster - into your greatest opportunity.

Think of a friend, colleague or family member who might benefit from this too? Share the link with them so that instead of covid19, let's make grit go viral.

Grab your complimentary ticket in the eventbrite widget (100 slots only)👉🏻

go to this link for more information : [s://[/
reported to spf for fake news

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