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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
What kind of grad program are you referring to? MBA?

Well, from what I understand no.

Few years ago when they were looking for people, they tried to package the whole recruitment mambo jambo with series of test assessment, interviews, group presentations, yada yada and brand it as some management associate program. End of the day, the candidates were all pre-selected from people already working inside, it's just to make them look good. It's nothing like those in Goldman's interview. As such, the final candidates weren't the best you can get, some not even average, (there are many who got in without even an honours from a local university).

Recently, I believe they even scale down the recruitment process. Simply get someone from the inside to refer candidates. The end results are the same anyway.

Those that got in earlier have above average fresh grad's salary but lacked competitive increment. Now, it seems they have significant lowered the fresh grad salary to be in tandem with the local market.
I seriously believe the best answers/advice TS can get would be those working in Barclay or ex Barclay. I can seriously tell TS based my on friend's exp that its not as glamorous that u see from the outside. Unless u are in the front line, if not u will just b another rank and file. If u die die still must work with Barclay, aim for shift work ie those European shift as they pay shift allowance which is much higher. Then of coz you will miss your work life balance ie ppl sleep u r working vice versa.
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