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Default Its been almost 10 years!!

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
200K Stagnant a few years already.

Have 2 post grad degrees but born at wrong time, starting salary then was mere $1.6K pm.

Envy young upstarts. Havent really cut their teeth already drawing above $100K
Hi guys, above was my very first post to this forum made on 20 Sep 2010! A good 9 years and 7 months ago. I do come to "visit" and contribute to this forum once a while, though very infrequently. I mostly visited when I was at airport lounges while transiting between countries. Today, WFH, so a "special" visit and an update!

Then in 2010, as an old "fart" manager I saw my salary stagnated at $200k pa. I was 50 yo then. Now at 60, I am happy to report that the company had made a few adjustments to my salary over the years and my salary last year was $300k. Never say never!

9 years ago, our networth was around $5M and passive income was negligible, early this year our networth "kissed" $8M shortly but dropped back to $7.6M (no thanks to Covid 19). And our passive income hit an all time high of $200k last year. This year, we are anticipating it to be halved! Ouch! Though the passive income for the first quater (Jan to Mar 20) was still good riding on the momentum of last year, it came in at $45,000.

Must say the quality of the postings in this forum has deteriorated greatly over the years. It started off with great promise for readers to share and learn from others, the income earned in their various professions albeit anonymously. Many early posters were genuine and earnest but because posters can remain anonymous, the whole thing quickly degenerated into worthless and mindless delusional posts. I just wonder what these posters get out of this??

I did have some useful exchanges with a few forumers here in discussing investment and about the CPF. I believe we did learn from each other. However each time and very quickly we see our exchanges hijacked and derailed by trollers and other insincere posters.

Then there is this one or two posters who kept repeating the same post over and over again. Not sure if he has mental issue??

Ok, I think I have said enough. Stay home, stay safe!

We will get through this crisis and emerge stronger!

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