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yet you came into the forum to write a long essay devoting ur life to an imaginary wife. hehe
Guys, I am trying to understand which part of my sharing (post #11873) that you find hard to believe. Is it the part on our earned income, our over 30 years of wedded bliss or our passive income? Or all of it?

If it is about the earned income part, our income tax is around $36k a year or roughly $3k per month. Just to give you a sense where our income put us, individually we are no where near the top earners in S'pore.

Below is from IRAS filing for 2014 (see post #9773)

For year ending 2014 (The figures are 6 years ago. I am sure the numbers should be much higher now)

Assessable Income. / No.of People
(Gross income less deductibles)

$1m and above / 4557
$500k to $1m / 14,757
$400k to $500k / 11,479
$300k to $400k / 24,268
$200k to $300k / 59,346
$150k to $200k / 70,315
$100k to $150k / 158,244
$80k to $100k / 120,538
$70k to $80k / 86,370
$60k to $70k / 115,089
$50k to $60k / 162,440
$40k to $50k / 224,042
$30k to $40k / 288,519
$25k to $30k / 136,256
$20k to $25k / 71,842
Below $20k - no tax.

Total no. of people : 1.548 m
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