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Anyone knows the date to start applying for open posting? I will need to talk to the P before that right? What should I say when she asks why I want to transfer? I can't possibly tell her the truth (because of office politics and unprofessional colleagues) as I still need to work with them for another few months.
If you don't want to focus on the push factors, then focus on the pull factors la. Identify a few positions you intend to apply for, then talk about why you feel those positions could be good pathways to realising your long-term career aspirations.

If you are so afraid to offend people, talk about what's potentially good in the positions you want, rather than what's bad in your current school.

Anyway there is nothing wrong with being truthful. You don't have to be rude, but you can be factual. You can talk about the problems you face in your school but you must use a matter-of-fact tone, not an emotionally charged one. You must show consideration for both sides of the story. This is how you criticise people, systems and structures, without necessarily burning bridges. This is an important skill to have if you want to be successful management roles in the future, either way.
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