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Originally Posted by MiloMojo View Post
Hi guys. Need some help here regarding resignation. Paiseh if the qns sounds noob here. First time resigning. First job.

  • I am planning to resign to find some time to recover from some health issues and to upskill myself at the same time.
  • Not planning to take No Pay Leave as I feel stagnant at my job and hope to transition to something else.
  • I am from the civil service. I have already gotten my Apr PB and salary.
  • My notice period is 1 month.

I am looking at 2 dates to resign:
  • Option1: 1 May 20 (Fri)
  • Option2: 12 May 20 (Tue)

  • Should I talk to my bosses earlier? Or can I just tender on 1 May / 12 May?
  • If I tender on 1 May, my last day will be on 1 June. Does this means that my May salary is pro-rated? (My payday is on 12th every month)
  • If so, to prevent getting a pro-rated salary, I should resign on 12 May instead?

Thanks in advances for all the advices!
Are u essential worker?
If yes dont resign coz u are essential.

If no, now ccb. U get paid for staying at home. Why resign?

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