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Originally Posted by biteme View Post
Hi guys i will be graduating this June with majors in Fiance and Accounting. I currently have an option to join one of the big 4's but would prefer to join a bank instead.

The thing is currently most of the bank jobs are contract based with the option to be converted to perm? But the problem again is waiting for the headcount. I dont know if should take my chances and give up the offer to join the big 4 and look for a finance job instead? Not sure how the current job market looks like as well.
Young one. This is a trap to trick you into accepting a contract job. There is no perm position. They will tell you it's contract-to-perm but it actually means contract. I've been in this scenario before. I was with F***** Wh***** for a while. They will threaten you with no conversion to perm to force you to work for lower pay and more OT. They will try to tell you sweet lies to make you believe there will be a position for you but it's only to milk 200% out of you for 50% pay. At the end, they will not re-contract and if you ask about it they will become nasty and say things like "Is this how you talk to me now?" So be careful. Refuse all contract-to-perm jobs, especially never listen to those job recruiters who know s***.

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