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One point I thought I'd note - this might have been accurate in the past (when were you in NTU?), recruitment is very competitive now and category #2 is practically non-existent today, IMHO.

Most of the new teachers I see today do at least partially fall into category #1 (many have other practical concerns as well, but I don't see any issue with that), or are at least willing to work hard with young students, so I don't think the situation today is quite as bleak as you make it out to be.

(That said, many do get jaded along the way, as someone had pointed out earlierÖ)

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Teachers are honestly the whiniest bunch of people around.

Letís be honest, very few Teachers joined because they have a passion for teaching. When i was in NTU and i met with people in NIE, here are the few types:

1) (5%) - People with real passion for teaching
2) (50%) - People who flopped in JC, and donít have the money to go to private Uni to get a sub-par degree or to go overseas to study. LL join NIE
3) (25%) - People with **** degrees (i.e. Lit, Comms, or some crap arts degree) who donít know what to do and suddenly declare that teaching is their passion. Youíve known them for 2-3 years and they never mentioned teaching. So you know it is a last ditch effort.
4) (20%) - People with good degrees (i.e. Engineering, Business etc), but donít want to join that field, no good companies will hire them at good pay or they tried those careers and it didnít work out. Basically looking for a steady paycheck.
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