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i'm not even asking to be promoted at a super fast rate, i just feel that my rate is too slow. Hen tak kaki at geo 3 for 7 years, by next year it would be 8 years already. Even my colleagues who got C- before or who went to give birth twice before n was away from school for almost a year, all got promoted faster than me.
Would advise you to consider changing school if this is the case. I joined in 2009. was promoted to GEO 3 (1a1) in 2011 and GEO 4 in 2016. Used to get a mixture of Bs and C+s in my first school.

Then also changed school due to moving house and has been stagnant ever since, despite being involved in many duties, both internal and external. Grades have been average despite being given more and more work over the years. Asked RO if I can do more to improve my grades and was told I am doing fine but when the grade is revealed, it is still the same.

So I think it really depends on the school and whether they like/recognise you enough to push you for promotion. Also considering going for open posting this year.

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